How to hack MovieStarPlanet

Are you a MovieStarPlanet fan and are you looking for a working hack? In this article, we will present to you the new online MSP hack, which allows you to generate an infinite number of StarCoins, diamonds, and VIP for your account. The program is straightforward to use, and with just a few mouse clicks, you will get your StarCoins, diamonds or VIP credited to your account. The hack tool was programmed to be compatible with all operating systems. Including iOS, Android and Windows. However, the first thing we want to share with you is some information about the key elements of the game. Also, we will explain to you why this hack is entirely free. 

Movie Star Planet – some basic information


The basic currency of MST is StarCoin. Each player gets ten such coins after watching some movies. The director of a film earns more, (the amount depends entirely on his game level). Advanced players who have higher level collect more coins. You can get between one and five starcoins for pet petting. How many you get depends on the type of pet. In the end, every player who gains start coins, diamonds and VIP status. Another way to get coins without using MSP cheats is by receiving and forgiving and greetings. To send special greetings you have to click on Shopping and then on the Diamond shop, and on the letter with the Smily.


Despite StarCoins, another valuable currency of MSP are Diamonds. This is a resource which can be used in the diamond shop (the shop can be found in the shopping tab). Diamonds allow you to buy exclusive items, animations, clothes and more. You can only get diamonds if you win competitions or have VIP status.

The VIP status

And there we are already with the last resource, the VIP status. To enjoy the game to the fullest by unlocking all locked functions and features, you are forced to buy a VIP package. These packages provide more diamonds and StarCoins in your account, and you can unlock many features that are locked in the free version. If players want to enjoy all these benefits without interruption, then you have to pay for them every month.

MSP hack – how does it work?

MSP hack works online, and it’s advanced software which allows you to gain StarCoins, VIP account, and diamonds for free. This MSP hack bypasses firewalls and the security system of the game. 

MovieStarPlanet is an online game hosted on the developers’ servers. As long as the servers of MSP have this vulnerability, it is possible to load the VIP status on any account, but also to generate as many diamonds and StarCoins as you need.

The whole hacking process is simple and easy, and the hack tool was created so that the users don’t have to read the coding themselves. All you have to do is to visit MovieStarPlamet Too website – Then, enter your MSP user name, select the operating system you are using (iOS, Android, Windows) and connect. If the program has successfully linked to your username, you will still need to choose the number of diamonds and StarCoins you want. Furthermore, you can to generate a VIP package for your account.

How to verify your account for free?

The first step before you obtain the generated resources is to verify your account. This step is necessary because the hack tool was damaged several times, while tens of thousands of diamonds were generated with this program and sold in forums. The verification appears directly in the tool and requires you to select one of the listed options. So, all you have to do is to select one of the options and enter your mobile phone number (if asked). You will receive a code on your mobile that you have to confirm. When you confirm the code, send back an SMS with STOP at the same number, so there are no costs and the hack will be completely free for you!


Not every MSP player can afford to spend money on a game. But thanks to this MSP hack, you can get all in-game resources for free. MSP hack is also very easy to use. You can use this software to generate diamonds and StarCoins, to level up, or to buy exclusive items in seconds.

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